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Dr Chong Chern Hao is a gastroenterologist working under gutCARE Singapore. He completed both internal medicine and gastroenterology training under National University Hospital System, Singapore (NUHS) Residency Program.

He was one of the very few specialists who dedicated his career in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology field during his practice in restructured hospitals, making him more all rounded in managing simple and complex medical conditions beyond gastroenterology field.


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Medical Conditions

Click to Read more about Various Medical Conditions and Treatments from stomach pain, colon cancer, reflux disease to pancreatic cancer.

Endoscopy and Other Specialized Services

Know More about Common Gastroenterology Procedures such as gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

Preparation Before Consult

How to prepare for your first consults. What to bring, what question to ask, what to expect from your gastroenterologist.

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We provide free updates and Education for all our patients weekly about gastrointestinal issue, stomach problem, digestive issue and cancers